Finally fixed DFI Ultra D & my opinions on heatsinks I t

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Finally fixed DFI Ultra D & my opinions on heatsinks I t

Post by comfortablynumb » Sat May 16, 2009 11:17 am

A while back I started a thread about the DFI Ultra D with a noisy, dieing fan. If anyone runs into this problem with this board or similar Nvidia Nforce 4 (I know it's an old board, but I'm sure plenty are still running) here's what I found in testing. My case is an old Xblade case, well not extremely quiet it has decent airflow. I have 1 120MM Globalwin NCB quiet intake fan running at full speed and 1 120mm Aluminum fan (running half speed through the bios) as an exhaust fan.

For all the heatsinks below, I used Articsilver Céramique

- Evercool VC-RE: This is what is recommended from the vendor, it doesn't fit quit perfectly, you need to bend one pin to submission. It does cool and it's pretty quiet I ran about 40C @ load with this in place. The Problem the wiring to the fan stinks bad and does not burn off. I tried contacting Evercool numerous times and several email addresses to no response.

- Enzotech CNB-S1: The heatsink fits good, but does not cool at all. Within seconds of post it runs up to 50C and after about 5 minutes of uptime it was up at 58C. This is with an 80MM Antec Fan blowing in at the heatsink.

- Thermalright HR-05 SLI: Now where getting somewhere, for installation I used the bolt through method, included in the kit. An extra pair of hands does come in handy to hold the heatsink well you screw the long bolts down.

The good: It works, with no fan in the side, and no fan attached to the heatsink I was at 44C @ load. After 8 hours of uptime I was at 45C, the passively cooled Nvidia 8400 above it was running 58C (just for comparison)

The bad: The fins are pretty sharp, I got a nice cut from it. The thing is Huge, I no longer have access to one PCI slot and 3 of 4 SATA ports are blocked (low profile connectors may fit, but I don't have any). I could turn the heatsink around but the 5.25 Power plug in on the DFI board is in the way. I tried to run with out the power plug in, but it will not boot with out the extra power.

So well not perfect, the Thermalright appears to be about the only decent solution for this old antiquated board.
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Post by halcyon » Sun May 17, 2009 10:37 am

Thank you for this report. Very informative for me and one of my old Ultra-D boards with a fan that sounds like it's about to die (not a silent system, but I don't mind if it becomes less noisy).

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Post by zansiball » Sun May 17, 2009 12:11 pm

nice review

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