Asus 9-series, you can't read cpu core temp, really?

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Asus 9-series, you can't read cpu core temp, really?

Post by baii » Mon Jan 18, 2016 1:49 pm

Long story short, my main use a z97-ar with speedfan and everything is awesome, including the 2 mode fan control.

So now I am building a htpc/general use pc for family and grabbed a h97i-plus, everything is mostly smooth sail (except maybe the cpu fan happen to don't have 2 mode, but it gonna have pwm fan anyways so w.e) until I start OCing the G3258.

Why is the cpu_fan not ramping up when the cha_fan is doing it, I asked myself. Google say the cpu temp is WRONG(by about 10 to 30 degree C), okay, but what about the cha fans...
So seems to me the cpu fan is tied to the "ASUS" cpu temp(shown in both bios and ai suite, in monitoring app, it shown under the board) not the core temp, where the cha fan are tied to the actual core temp.

So I gonna proceed to put my cpu fan into the other cha fan header.

ASUS, seriously?

edit: to rub salt on the wound, seem to me, they either mis labled the bios or the manual or the newest bios, they swap'd cha fan 1 and cha fan 2 fan mode option........

I need to make cha fan 1 dc mode so cha fan 2 run in dc mode, vice versa..
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Re: Asus 9-series, you can't read cpu core temp, really?

Post by edh » Mon Jan 18, 2016 1:56 pm

I don't think you have something quite right here. The chassis fan headers definitely won't be controlled based on the CPU onboard core temp sensor. Most likely thing I see is that you somehow have the CPU and chassis fan headers confused. Swap them around and the logic you describe would be fixed.

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