Does anyone have a MSI H110M ECO?

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Does anyone have a MSI H110M ECO?

Post by Silent but deadly » Sat Feb 27, 2016 4:02 pm

I'm planning to build a HTPC and MSI's H110M ECO motherboard is on my shortlist of possible motherboards. Before I can make a decision though, I need to confirm that the H110M ECO has the features I'm after. I've checked MSI's website (which is very lacking in terms of info) and I've been googling for a few hours now with no luck.

My questions are-
  1. Does it have a fully featured "Hardware Monitor" (as seen here - for fan control?
  2. If it does feature said fan control, is there are lower percentage limit on fan speeds?
  3. Does the board support VT-d?
  4. Can the power to the PCI slots be disabled individually or is it all or nothing?

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