undervolting vs reducing power budget on Ryzen 3700X

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undervolting vs reducing power budget on Ryzen 3700X

Post by mcb » Fri Jul 26, 2019 5:25 pm

The most interesting thing in this article https://adoredtv.com/zen2-chiplet-quali ... d-by-cost/ was a chart generated by a Twitter user showing how Cinebench R20 multithreaded performance varied on a 3700X when undervolting and reducing the PPT limit.


I played with this a bit on my 3700X. PBO doesn't affect 1T peformance. For multi-threaded performance:

"stock" 88W - 4747, cpu voltage 1.2-1.225, 3.95-3.98 GHz at 74 deg C and 90W total package power
PBO on - 4847, cpu voltage 1.31-1.32, 4.05-4.08 GHz at 83 deg C and 110W
PBO reduced to 48W - 3653, 0.925 volts, 3.13-3.15 GHz at 53 deg C and 50W
PBO reduced to 64W - 4371, 1.05 volts, 3.73 GHz at 61 deg C and 65W

All on stock cooler for now.

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Re: undervolting vs reducing power budget on Ryzen 3700X

Post by CA_Steve » Sat Jul 27, 2019 5:14 am

Nice find.
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