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Post by Eunos » Mon Nov 02, 2009 11:25 pm

JamieG wrote:
Shamgar wrote:
JamieG wrote: $84 for picoPSU 150XT
$49 for 80W brick / $69 for 100W brick

Can't guess shipping costs but they are even Perth-based. I suppose with shipping it's possibly close to $180 though...
Okay, thanks for that. Wasn't aware of that vendor. I was going off Vastute's pricing. Even so, 84 + 69 + 20 (my estimate shipping to Perth, to be on safe side) = 173. Still quite pricey for me, but not totally off the scale. Otherwise, the Pico is almost perfect for the majority of my uses.
No worries. Didn't know of Vastute myself, so thanks for the link. I spotted a 150W brick there which I haven't seen before. Wonder if it has an active fan in there somewhere ... (the 100W brick from mini-box.com.au has, apparently).
I'm probably a bit late with this, but I didn't pay anything like that for mine. One like this can be had for A$120 shipped.

I do recommend replacing the US power cord with a local one though, as adaptors are very dodgy.

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Post by Ant6n » Tue Nov 03, 2009 11:18 am

You can get a
- pw-200-m, which is the pico's bigger cousin delivering up to 200W, for ~40$ + shipping.
- Dell 220W power brick (da-2) from ebay for like 20$, and
- the guide on how to solder them together (search on this forum),
and you get a silent 200W supply for 60$ + shipping.

I have a ati hd4770 + mobile core duo @2.4Ghz running on a supply like that, and it doesn't draw more than 167W on furmark+prime95 off the wall.

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