Drives For D-Link DNS-323 NAS WD Cavilar Black or Green?

Offloading HDDs and other functions to remote NAS or servers is increasingly popular
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Drives For D-Link DNS-323 NAS WD Cavilar Black or Green?

Post by digirodeo » Sun Oct 11, 2009 4:29 pm

Hi new to this forum and looks like this forum is loaded with good information. Know enough about PC to be dangerous. Took a few Microsoft classes years ago NT4.0 … : )
Looking at picking up a D-Link DNS-323 2 Bay NAS and will likely use the simple Raid 1 option. The DNS-323 looks like a good bang for the buck. NewEgg has this for $169 and I see a $30 rebate. My goal is backing up a couple of home / home office pc and a lot of digital images.

For hard drives I am thinking of picking up 2 Western Digital Caviar Black or GP 1TB.
Both are $99 at Best Buy
WD10000LSRTL Western Digital - Caviar Black 1TB Internal 7200 rpm
WD10000CSRTL Western Digital - Caviar Green 1TB Internal Hard Drive IntelliPower (5400 rpm - 7200 rpm)
I understand the Caviar Black has a 5 year warranty and the Caviar Green has a 3 year warranty.
New tech green is cooler and saves power.
In regards to reliability which would you pick the Caviar Black or Green? Any other thoughts? What Say You

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Post by HawkKC » Mon Sep 13, 2010 6:07 am

I have also been looking as this NAS for a while.

From my research on the DNS-323wiki pages, it looks as if you will want to stay away from some of the 4K advanced format drives (model WDxxEARS drives) because they slow down in this NAS enclosure unless you use a slightly complicated firmware workaround.

There is no advantage to getting 7200rpm drives in this box because the bottleneck is at the gigabit ethernet connection/controller card. A 7200rpm Black drive will just get hot and waste power in this enclosure.

Any of the non-EARS ending Green drives (or any other 5400rpm drive) should work fine for the DNS-323.

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