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FS: Watercooling aquacomputer, computer parts & case modding

Posted: Sat Dec 08, 2012 2:40 pm
by Badashmods
Pickup in SF bay only:

If you want pics of the sytem or tj07 let me know.

New: Silverstone TJ07 Aquacomputer (large radiator) Custom Watercooled Case: $750

Custom watercooled Coolermaster Stacker Aquacomputer Dan Den Computer: $500
AMD FX 57, Geforce 7900GTX, Large aquacomputer radiator for silent cooling

Aquacomputer reservoir bay: $20
Aquacomputer faceplates: $5
Aquacomputer Cuplex p4/775 silver waterblock: $75
Aquacomputer Twinplex silver waterblocks: $50 each
Aquacomputer twinplex copper block: $25
Laing DDC water pump with acrylic top $40
Aquacomputer fluid and dye: $2 each
Aquacomputer UV and blue LEDS for aquacomputer reservoir: $5 each
Aquacomputer 10mm fittings $2 each
Mcmaster carr 1/2" fittings $2 each
Some cool right angled blocks most likely 10MM some have fittings attached: $2 each
Mosfet waterblock: $10

Sony Vaio Laptop not working (possibly screen) - $25
Antec Phantom 500w power supply - $50 fan has been modded
Globalwin ycc61f1Black exterior and chrome interior aluminum computer case 120mm fan - $50
Black Nec 20" monitor LCD 2080ux+ - $40
Dell 2405fpw: $100
Rosewill 3.5" SATA to USB ESATA external enclosure: $15
Linksys wired 4 port router with 4 port switch: $20
Nexus Damptek noise absorbtion material one white sheet: $15
Artic cooling 80MM fans $5 each
Scythe SFlex chrome sleeved 120mm high quality quiet fans new: $10 each
Papst 120MM Fans imported from Germany new: $20 each
Chrome color power supply/cable sleeving $5
Silverstone PP02 power supply acoustic cover: new 10
Thermaltake Xround SATA cables new $5 each
Vantec UV reactive pci slot cover protectors $5 each set
Black plastic 120MM case vent, draws air directly to cpu: $5
Blue round ATA 100/133 cables $5 each
3 pin to 4 pin power case fan adapters chrome sleeved $2 each
Solid machined aliminum 92MM fan bracket mount new $10
Various color LED Lights: $2 each
Vantec 80mm anti vibration 80mm fan mount new: $2
Bag of rubber fan mounts for case fans: $5
Chrome Sleeved pci express cables: $1 each
Various sized cable clamps (nicer than zip ties: $1 each
Blue florescent clear coat paint UV: $2
Plextor DVD burner (unsure of condition) $5
120MM black mesh case filters new: $2 each
Cyba Sniper flexiglow pc game controller $2
Street glow 1 blue and 1 silver cable sleeving: $5 each
Various sata & power cables: $1 each
Thermaltake case fan speed controllers $1
New Noiseblocker 120MM case fans: $10 each
New Noiseblocker 80MM case fans $10 each
Original nostromo: $2
N52 Nostromo $10
Seagate 40GB barracude hard drive $10
Seagate 80GB barracuda hard drive: $15
Seagate 120GB barracuda hard drive $20
Smart Drive 2002 hard drive silencers $5 each
Zalman Northbridge heatsink:$5