Ninja Mini & Fans, Saphire 6850

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Ninja Mini & Fans, Saphire 6850

Post by plympton » Fri Jul 17, 2015 10:07 am

Not sure if this is a relic of a by-gone era, or something to cherish (I did), but I have a Ninja Mini for sale, in great condition. I'll leave it here for a week or so and then toss it to eBay's whims.

It's in great shape, and I used it on my Z87 Motherboard until yesterday (socket 1155). The bracket was meant for a socket 775, but I found that if you mount with bolts from the underside, it worked great. I include my bolts. I also put a delrin spacer between the motherboard and the bolt heads to give a seperation from the motherboard "just in case", but I re-used those so you'll have to either find some non-conductive washers or improvise something else (or nothing, your choice). Basically the bolt sandwich went:
Bolt, non-conductive washer, motherboard, 2 washers for spacing, bracket, nut. Made for a very cool and quiet Hackintosh. :-)

I don't have a price for it, so just send me a best offer, and add about $10 for USPS shipping to CONUS. We can figure out shipping elsewhere if needed.

Here's some photos: ... #h4f4d7a0f

Includes the ninja mini, mounting hardware, instructions, box, 80mm fan (quiet!), and a 120mm Nexus fan I don't need anymore.

I also have a Sapphire Radeon 6850 as well, very quiet. Description here:


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