Offering live video service to help build silent pcs

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Offering live video service to help build silent pcs

Post by laststop » Wed Apr 12, 2017 3:22 am

I've been building silent pc's and tech has dvanced so far you do not have to compromise on speed anymore to get pc's a baby can sleep next to. I will reveal one of my secrets spray on sound deadening foam to reach the placed the manufacturers miss. I also keep a list of the best products and can build in ATX form factor only or eatx if u so choose but i think they are overpriced behemths if you want dead silence and low temps. I just started this service charging 45 an hour but i found it was way to cheap so its 75 the first hour 50 after that. I guarantee vibration free silent computing for 3 years if you dont abuse the tower. Also optical and hard drive have to go. They make noise i cant get rid of and block intake air that allows me o keep the fans very low and quiet while keeping temps in high 60's low 70's. I do not use water cooling I use big air it is more reliable and quieter. If you wish to use paypal instead of bitcoin it must be sent as a gift and is 35 dollars extra due to their shady practices of refunding the buyer and leaving the seller to rot.

Im 40 years old I've been doigng this for a long time and I promise you will have a silent PC running with aa guarantee of silence for 3 years or i will will fix it over tele conference.

DO NOT SHARE MY METHODS be honest please im trying to earn a living helpimg oour small niche group out dont ruin it for me. Contact me a jtarmeni1 (AT) (g) (mail) (dot)com

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