FS: SilverStone FT05, fanless HD7750, heatsinks, laptops,...

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FS: SilverStone FT05, fanless HD7750, heatsinks, laptops,...

Post by shleepy » Wed Jul 26, 2017 4:14 pm

Long time no post! I've got a bunch of potentially-SPCR-friendly gear that I'm clearing out. Have a few things listed so far, and a bunch more to come...
  • New SilverStone FT05 case
  • Fanless HD 7750 video card
  • A whole bunch of older-but-excellent heatsinks (unused or like-new)
  • Dell 30" monitor (U3014)
  • A few laptops (Dell XPS 13, ThinkPad T430S, a Fujitsu 14" one)
  • A whole bunch of other stuff (PC hardware and misc. items)
In the interest of not maintaining too many separate places where I have to update the status & prices of each item, please see my:
Anandtech thread and/or...
heatware listings
(Moderators - please let me know if this is not kosher, and I can list out the relevant items and prices here, individually.)

I will update this thread when I get around to parting out my desktop and prepping some more items...

Please either send me a private message on SPRC or heatware if you're interested in anything!

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