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WTB: Solid ModuVent panel from Define C/Define Mini C

Posted: Fri Feb 28, 2020 8:21 am
by function9
I plan to purchase a Meshify C soon, but unfortunately all that comes with that case is a filter for the top vent. I'll have no need for the top vent and with a new case, I'd like to use something other than cardboard this time around to block it. I've contacted Fractal Design, they don't sell it separately. The Define C and Meshify C are literally the same chassis and from what I can tell from part numbers and whatnot, the Define Mini C uses the same exact panel. So, if anyone has a Define C or Define Mini C and isn't using the solid moduvent panel, I would like to purchase it. I'm in the US and can do paypal (and probably any other type of payment method), wouldn't mind buying from outside the US as long as shipping isn't too costly. Thanks!