Anyone try using 2 fanless PS?

PSUs: The source of DC power for all components in the PC & often a big noise source.

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Anyone try using 2 fanless PS?

Post by IceFire » Wed Mar 05, 2003 12:12 pm

How about 2 150w Fanless PS in a case or one inside and the second outside. One in standard location and another at the bottom of the case or outside mounted. You could run the motherboard, floppy, and CD off one unit. HD(s) and other fans off of the second PS. Of coarse you might have to put a second exhaust fan it there. The second fan could be a 120 @ 5V. So the only noise would be the CPU fan, HD and the optical drive. If you have a big heat sink and a second exhaust fan, you may not need the CPU fan at all.

Any comments or ideas?

Also, where could one find couple good fanless PS.

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Post by ez2remember » Wed Mar 05, 2003 3:38 pm

That could possibly work, I have noticed even my generic ATX PSU does not get hot unless its under load, on idle it blows out cool air indicating it can run fanless when idle, but say I had two of these it might be possible, to run them both fanless. I just wonder connecting one to the motherboard, and hence the CPU, and graphics card could consume a lot of power, and therefore be too hot to run one of them fanless then that defeats the object. But if it is a lower powered system this could possibly work. :lol:

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