Enermax Modu82+ Power Supply Giveaway Draw

PSUs: The source of DC power for all components in the PC & often a big noise source.

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Enermax Modu82+ Power Supply Giveaway Draw

Post by MikeC » Sat Mar 15, 2008 1:33 pm

Now that the giveaway draw is closed, the original >380 post thread on this topic has been deleted in order to reduce entrants' exposure to spam. Jay's last edit of his announcement post is quoted below, along with list of entries.

EnermaxUSA-Jay wrote --

I would like to thank the SPCR community for such a great turnout! I have managed to compile the list of entries, and we have a total of 367 people who entered the raffle. Please help to check to see if I have made any mistakes and/or missed anyone.

Here are the participants:

Drees, Blacktales, dshao1, Snoppilev, mattthemuppet, yukon, Tez, mond, s_xero, JugsteR, merlyn, continuum, coweater, Immortals, cienislaw, JimX, hawkeye1, DragonOptical, mai9, cristiandemarch, snutten, legooolas, SpaceNerd, disheaver, Mooki, OverZerg, deksawyer, oldabelincoln, teejay, rpsgc, Acook, Blood, psklenar, Quim, niels007, Luud, kike_1974, mexell, rsemedo, Ivasar, shoarthing, VanWaGuy, zoob, Hardrain, FlorisNielssen, Mr Reorg, tufish, SLOTh, mengzor, Fred, breakspirit, lukeluke, MoJo, wrx, florinp3, DrCR, mike23, mjcutri, danthevan, jordi.c, peterdk, Fat_bloater_dave, IanM, metal_dragen, AuraAllan, el-tel, hallowdbemyname, Big Pimp Daddy, eit412, borc, Suosaaski, dhanson865, DataPath, p30n, kaanage, cavarr, Linus, Piet, gxshockwav, jhhoffma, acaurora, snoopygum, AlexP, Nice Marmot, Reachable, mr_plow_king, Fenix, Yorixz, cornholio, Rewdoalb, Anodyne, raziell, autoboy, bob8701, Sidenine, donu, tehcrazybob, proteus, schapkl, khughes, BillyBuerger, jmorey, lucas82, Capsaicin, tehfire, merlin, mx-5, scdr, chienpourri, Aris, Matthias, raamendeii, JaYp146, FartingBob, Multi, Carson89, Celeres, audioman83, jeffeb3, yaler, mark314, walkingjohn, XG, bolek, matt_garman, Plekto, zorrt, AznJason, psiu, Pempu, Ygglur, matva, aaronspink, tomaszbox, Krillepille, gr8r-x, maxPower, jimbo7707, JazzJackRabbit, Tresstump, sheninat0r, TMM, MonsterMac, kortemik, neh, tdotcbc84, Steve Mac, mantralord, hyrulebr, Writer, fluxcore, tyeh26, MastaSlayer, Kiloblaster, ispc, ghettojiggalo, Ender17, Conroy, DryFire, cyberspyder, Worker control, HTPCnz, cloneman, Dutchmm, foem, oDii, HAHA, mtavares, Michael Sandstrom, jmkhenka, mvdzwaan, Celoth, notareal, fanless, Derfel, mcuerdo, lucke, !Xabbu, my-pc-is-too-loud, noneedforaname, robnas, Charuto, aimndtel, Mrc112, AudiQ7, Deceitkin, sokrattes, gogos7, donpipo, vaio, Masterrer, HaxEJxuK, crabnebula, Galactic, Richenbals, Chevreuil_turbo, lobuni, aburgard, Edro, Xuestor, lopgok, blandoon, Bakkone, orihara, 3zero2, blackworx, Ashex, antifro, 3x3cUt0r, line, toki_c, dCrypt, xaim99, prostetnic, woofersus, zipirri, Lostfaith, andyb, neon joe, Traciatim, Chris Chan, hukares, forumguy, thetoad30, xev, bondiablo, trxman, X'o'Lore, daemon, Tamas, DreamKiller, Krazy Kommando, steve_hb, omgitslong, eshew, backlash, Raxxath, ey51, xkon, craig001, Aoki, pot, rogue_tomato, DMJ, BeerParty, enoriega, ben33, paulbf1, CorneliusQED, Narc, chirphappy, ssgsmt, AnDrAz, skaquixotic, Dauthi, Panamon, jammin, Number12, lukr, Skispcs, justchill, Chris Beard, OldJay, Towermax, monkiman, Ber, charlie_D, D Incorporated, drajitshekher, nicko, Crais, F for Fragging, alleycat8675309, Whiznot, hanster, prole, lorn, Dimwhited, Peter J, Fuzzilla, jblaabjerg, bchase, vick1000, qwerty_12, floepie, EPAstor, rickster, doodddoo, PartEleven, weemies, samdrong, itech, nd4spdbh, jborn, kurt711, IvanL, EvilNick, DG, Fayd, JagSagaz, dkfr, kieran45, remy1701, jdholm, Fosu, Lythandra, nuttybing, tno, qao, thornh, kater, linsook, daamain, Bungee, greggm2000, ky, solah, beesting, anakintjc, anyweather, fmriguy, bugten, sdgseed, holeman, esil, aski, chapmani, Aelek, sicone, bman23, ghia, MungeonDaster, theoriginalmarc, lor77, Mats, mLy!, gallup, Griffon26, Atmosper, Migi, mellon, Collapsed, closersource, regal196, RedAE102

The people with the ids below, please PM me with your choice of PSU:

Poodle, ayemooth, acolyte, mr. poopyhead, Elvellon, Jeff Cutsinger, damnthedaystar, derekva, fabre, EvoFire, xan_user, Marvin, KillerCroc, ceraf, zoatebix, Jlee, casebuyer, nikitalord, Glasses, mexell, fluffie, Silviu,

Again, the drawing will take place on 3/17/2008. I will post and email the winners as soon as they become available. Thanks again everyone, and GOOD LUCK!


Many thanks for your enthusiastic response to SPCR's review of the new Enermax Modu82+ power supply. We're delighted to have won such high praise from SPCR's tough testing team, and we'd like to celebrate by offering two Modu82+ in a free raffle drawing to the SPCR forum community.

Here are the details:
  • - ONE MODU82+ 625W and ONE MODU82+ 425W will be given away,
    - Entries should be received by midnight, 3/14/2008,
    - Winners will be announced in this thread and via email on 3/17/2008 (St. Patrick's Day) at 10:00am,
    - Winners are encouraged to post their experiences after using the PSU,
    - SPCR forum members only!
    - I will collect email addresses, and send you ONE(just one) email asking your permission to be added to our "active user" email list (details will be included in the message).
    - To enter the draw, just reply in this thread with your name & email address and indicate which model you'd like (sorry one of the other but not both).
One more thing:
"The raffle is NO LONGER only available to the folks in North America."
I have changed my mind...Let's open the raffle up to everybody, and I will find a way to get the PSU to you!
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Re: Enermax Modu82+ Power Supply Giveaway Draw

Post by FartingBob » Sat Mar 15, 2008 2:42 pm

MikeC wrote: One more thing:
"The raffle is NO LONGER only available to the folks in North America."
I have changed my mind...Let's open the raffle up to everybody, and I will find a way to get the PSU to you!
:D I knew you wouldn't desert all of us!

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Re: Enermax Modu82+ Power Supply Giveaway Draw

Post by D Incorporated » Sun Mar 16, 2008 3:38 pm

MikeC wrote:the original >380 post thread on this topic has been deleted in order to reduce entrants' exposure to spam.
Great idea, thanks! I had been planning to edit my post out after the draw was done, but now it's all taken care of :D

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Post by EnermaxUSA-Jay » Mon Mar 17, 2008 9:01 am

We had 163 people entered the 425W drawing, and over 200 people for the 625W version.

The drawing took place today precisely at 9:47am, and here are the winners!

425W: mx-5

625W: Hardrain

I will also send an email out later today as promised.

Winners, please PM me your shipping address, and your PSU should arrive in 7 to 10 business days.

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Post by psklenar » Mon Mar 17, 2008 9:13 am

rats. Are you sure you got the right names? :wink:

My most sincere, and jealous, congratulations to mx-5 and Hardrain. :D


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Post by Fuzzilla » Mon Mar 17, 2008 9:18 am

AARRGGHH! Missed it by one number! :wink:

Hey thanks for the chance to win, & for your quality products as well.


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Post by mx-5 » Mon Mar 17, 2008 9:55 am



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Post by Hardrain » Mon Mar 17, 2008 9:57 am

Thank you Jay and Enermax for a great contest, and as always, Mike and SPCR for a great site!

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Post by AuraAllan » Mon Mar 17, 2008 10:57 am

Grats to mx-5 and Hardrain.

To Jay and Enermax USA, thanks for doing a raffle.

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Post by fluffie » Mon Mar 17, 2008 1:22 pm


I just noticed I am too late.....

fluffie :cry:

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Re: Winners...

Post by dhanson865 » Thu Mar 20, 2008 10:07 am

EnermaxUSA-Jay wrote:We had 163 people entered the 425W drawing, and over 200 people for the 625W version.
I got your email and checked out the blog. If you hold up to the ideals mentioned there you should be a positive influence on the industry.

Though as you already know you have some work ahead of you to offset past reputation.

BTW, in another thread some of us SPCR readers discussed warranty periods for Corsair and Seasonic units.

Looking at the pages for the Enermax Pro82+ and Modu82+ units I couldn't see a warranty length mentioned. Since it is easily found in the first page of the review on SPCR I'm assuming you wouldn't mind adding it to the product pages at Pro82+ and Modu82+ so prospective customers could be reassured that the warranty is sufficient (its listed as 3 years for anyone who doesn't know).

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Post by mattthemuppet » Wed Mar 26, 2008 8:59 pm

congrats to the winners, be very interesting to hear back how they got on.

I will win a draw one day, I will! :)

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