Enermax Pro82; fan clearance to heatsinks?

PSUs: The source of DC power for all components in the PC & often a big noise source.

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Enermax Pro82; fan clearance to heatsinks?

Post by niels007 » Sun Feb 01, 2009 6:24 am


I'm considering getting one of those Enermax PSUs, if the specs are right and the fan spins at 450rpm until 50% load, that should be pretty silent. Since the fan is PWM, there aren't too much replacement candidates.

Being good and all, its still ball bearing and I suspect on average not quite as silent as a Nexus running at the same RPM.

I can take the fan grill out, but I wonder if there is enough space between the fan and the heatsinks that I can install rubber grommets supplied with Nexus fans. That should reduce any hint of vibration and possibly loose another decibel in the quest for silence.

Would that fit or is the top of the heatsink / capacitors so very close to the fan that it might not even have room for ~2.5mm worth of rubber in between?

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Post by jamesbundy » Sun Feb 01, 2009 8:00 am

Check out the postscript in the review, the new Enermax PSU's don't have a PWM voltage controller but a dual-voltage one ;)


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It's quite tight

Post by iamweasel » Sun Feb 01, 2009 2:35 pm

I have a Modu82+ (625W) I bought a few weeks ago on my desk which I haven't installed yet. Peering through the vents I would say that you just might be able to squeeze the grommets in, but that would likely cause the fan to rest on some of the components (not heatsinks though, but the thing wrapped in yellow plastic near the center), causing resonance.

You probably realize too, that you can't open the case to switch/remount the fan without voiding warranty.

I can't tell you about my experience on the noise, since I haven't tested mine and am unlikely to void the warranty just yet anyway.

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