Coil whine W/seasonic- unlucky Samsung Spinpoint - SP1614N

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Coil whine W/seasonic- unlucky Samsung Spinpoint - SP1614N

Post by caber » Tue Aug 16, 2005 12:47 am

Hello all, I moved to Hong Kong where price is king. No seasonics, no panaflos's, only cooler master and deltas here =( Samsung Spin points just came out for half a year but are being discontinued soon...

Anyways I thought I was lucky enough to get a spin point 160gb 16141N nidec motor Hard drive but I was wrong... After reading the beginners guide a couple of time and surfing for the forums I found out that the hard drive is the culprit. Here are my system specs:

Seasonic 430 Rev3 Tornado
Thermalright Xp-90 / papst 92mm -5V
AMD venice 3000+
Galaxy 6600 GT w/ default Zalman aluminum heatsink ( 2xDVI)
Gigabyte K8NF-9, nforce4 /passive NB cooler (its too hot... reaches 70C)
2x 512 Corsair Value DDR 400
Samsung Spin point 160GB 8m ATA
12 cm papst @ 5v
12 cm nidec @ 5v

It seems like this coil buzzing condition has happened to others in this forum where the seasonic/spinpoint combo has a chance to create coil whine (or im just really unlucky)

Just to report to you guys and share my findings...

Im kinda upset because I cant just RMA the spinpoint because apparently the HDD maybe a smuggled (privately shipped) version from korea. Also the fact that when i go to china for business I pass through Yate-Loon, Seasonic, papst factories but then I have to travel across the globe or order from other parts of the world to purchase any silent pc parts...

I will try to pester the Hong Kong distributor to give me an upgrade of some sort to a SATA II and hope the coil whine will go away (crosses fingers)

Sorry for the long post and hope to keep you all updated.

PS. Nforce 4 passive north bridge is super hot... should have read all of the forums and not just the recommended sites or reviews... ugh

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