wedging foam underneath

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wedging foam underneath

Post by aowen512 » Wed Mar 22, 2006 12:13 pm

My hd is in the very last spot in my case and there is barely room for a pinky between hd and bottom of case. I have wedged some foam between the hd and the floor and this has reduced pretty much all hd noise that I had to nothing. I am wondering though if this might cause some kind of problem because the bottom of the hd is fairly open to the circuits and what not.

So, should this foam stay or was this stupid and somehow I might fry it??

Please give me your opinions/suggestions etc!!

Thx :D

(no camera or i would just show you)

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Post by gud4u » Thu Mar 23, 2006 7:59 am

The drive probably runs warmer, since there's no air-flow to the side of the drive covered by foam.

Consider two parallel foam strips, instead of solid foam, to allow some air-flow under the drive. If the HD cage uses trays, you could remove two trays and mount the drive rotated 90 degrees (width vertical), with foam under and foam snubbers on top to retain the drive.

Or, if the HD cage is removable, simply suspend the drive.

I removed my HD cage entirely. My single drive sits on parallel foam strips on the case floor, parallel with air-flow, loosely restrained from movement by elastic cord over the top. My drive temps stay in the 30s.

Hope this helps!

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