Elastic Suspension (Strech-Magic type) vs. 4in3 HDD module?

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Elastic Suspension (Strech-Magic type) vs. 4in3 HDD module?

Post by felix_w » Mon Dec 01, 2008 11:55 am

Hi all...

Updated my 2nd pc, so i will now run 4 disks (2x Raid0 & 2xRaid1) in the system...Previous anti-vibration solution was able for mounting only 2 disks, so i did some modifications....

The lower part of the case (Thermaltake Matrix 2000) had spacing for 3.5" devices (2 ext. & 4 int) so i un-riveted the 2 metal frames & re-mounted them with rivets leaving 5.25" spacing this time :


( The case now is tottaly stripped, it is normally stuffed with foam panels & barriers, with quite good results...)

Though the subject has been discussed many many times, i felt that i should ask you all for the following :

Should i continue building the case with the normal & usual type of hdd-suspension technique of Magic-Stretch, or should i use one of the following solutions?

Lian-Li EX-34N 4-in-3 HDD mount module :


Coolermaster STB-3T4-E3-GP 4-in-3 HDD mount module :

Image Image Image

Obviously i wouldn't ask you for such a comparison since there are many data for it in the Silent Storage subforum, but i thought that maybe the HDD mounting modules compared there would be old products....


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Post by Strid » Mon Dec 01, 2008 12:16 pm

I don't have any experience with that exact 4-in-3 module, so the best I can do is to give you my two cents. :)

There is a fan on that module, but I don't really see any space around the hard drives where the air can flow somewhat unrestricted. So unless that fan has some extreme pressure (if it has, it won't be very quiet), it won't cool the drives very well. Also the drives look pretty hard mounted together, so you'll probably get some serious vibrational interference with four drives there.

Are you sure you can't fit three suspended hard drives in the lower compartment and then one in a 5.25"? You can fit an intake fan to blow over the HDDs at the same time to keep temps cool.

So in short, my answer would be Stretch Magic FTW! 8)

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Post by mkk » Mon Dec 01, 2008 2:54 pm

I've used the CoolerMaster 4-in-3 and it's not dampening very well if the drives produce more than mild vibrations. While the Lian-Li module looks like it could be a little bit better by padding each drive individually, I'd lean towards suspension. You've already modified the case so keep modding. :)

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Post by TheAtomicKid » Mon Dec 01, 2008 11:44 pm

Note that it doesn't take tons of airflow to cool a drive. Even my raptors stay perfectly reasonable, with just a very gentle draw across them.

That said, with four drives together like that, they'll tend to be warmer, rather than cooler. And, also, any fan solution you employ, will inherently be noisier, due to the constricted airflow.

THAT said, it's still doable. Be careful on your fan selection for something like that. And don't expect miracles. Would help plenty if the pc itself stays in a cooler environment, than a hot one, etc etc.


ps: scythe also makes a unit like this...

http://www.scythe-usa.com/product/acc/0 ... etail.html

Note the lack of a fan attachment, so plan accordingly.

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