external DVD drives

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external DVD drives

Post by K.Murx » Wed Feb 03, 2010 5:09 am

My netbook (EEE 900A) has been ordered to do double duty as a media center/wireless access point. Therefore, it should be able to read and display DVDs (movies, pictures brought over by family&friends that have not gotten the hang of USB drives yet, etc.).
There seems to be quite an array of USB-connected (only external connector available) burners, regular drives, slot-loaders, top-loaders, sled-loaders, and whatnot. And I have absolutely no idea and/or experience with these. Therefore, I seek the knowledge of the kind ladies and gentlemen in these forums :)

How loud are these devices? What brands/models can you recommend from personal experience? Are there ways of silencing these things?
(besides using a really long USB cable and stuffing them into the cupboard)

P.S.: Yes, audio quality is terrible. But that can't be helped for now (maybe I will get one of these USB sound card things later).

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