Samsung ST1000LM024 noisy

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Samsung ST1000LM024 noisy

Post by xen » Thu Jul 14, 2016 1:07 pm

So I wrote this topic here but since no one responded for like 2 weeks I am just going to delete it.

I will just say that the ST1000LM024 are just very noisy with reading and writing (I think both, but definitely with writing) and they are louder by far than the ST500LM012, at least to my perception, and also much louder than a previous HM160HC I've owned (M5 drive). And I am really disappointed in the 1TB drives, I thought I could safely buy them.

Maybe I am running behind the times and should be using SSD, but I still don't want to.

I just have many reasons not to use SSD, at least not as a main OS disk, and using it myself as a (Linux) caching drive has been frought with peril thus far. (Mostly also because I chose a cheap one to try, but the Linux kernel has a shitload of bottlenecking issues in IO). I bet the only good solution would be a hardware raid caching feature, but that in itself is then fraught with limitations.

Currently looking at a WD Scorpio Black 750GB, which is going to be louder in terms of seek and idle I am sure.

I would probably never recommend one for a laptop (although they are intended for it) but in a desktop case I think it is going to be far enough away in order to not be noticeable.
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