Help with HDD Suspension for Silverstone FT05

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Help with HDD Suspension for Silverstone FT05

Post by mingv7v » Tue Nov 01, 2016 7:17 pm

A week or so ago my WD Red died and I bought a HGST 7k 5TB NAS drive that was on sale, installed it in the FT05 and boy was it LOUD! There was constant loud droning from the spinning discs (I can feel the side panels vibrating/resonating) and head seek was like someone drumming on the panels.

Search the forum here and it seemed to be a known problem with the FT05 and 7k drives but I also saw the posts on suspended drives so I thought I'd give it a go - see attached (the drive is mounted on a old Antec P180 HDD tray).

This result in the droning mostly gone and the seek noise much abated. But I think it can be further improved. The zip-tie part seems to be transmitting some of the vibration to the mobo tray if I tighten it firmly enough to secure the drive, but if I loosen it the drive would shift and periodically the seek noise would become loud and I have to fiddle with the foam to make it go away.

I think one of the problem is that the bungee is running across and skewing the drive so it hangs at an angle, I'll be reversing that by anchoring the bungee to the case with zip-ties and using the hooks to attach the drive tray which hopefully will result in a more perpendicular drop.

I'm looking for advice on how to secure the drive so it doesn't swing and move around, I just need it to be secure enough so I can safely move and position the system. Thoughts?

(Note to Silverstone: That's an awful drive cage implementation on an otherwise quality enclosure)
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