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Vertical hard drive holder?

Posted: Wed Jul 31, 2019 8:29 am
by flyingsherpa
I've decoupled my hard drive in my case the same way for many many years: it's screwed to a tray and that tray rests on some .5" thick sorbothane pads, which then rests on a layer foam, all resting on the bottom of my case. They tray allows airflow over the top and bottom, which is really the only reason I use it.

But I have a new SFF case now, and though I have been using the same setup, it takes up the space where a GPU would go. I still use integrated graphics, so it's not an issue, but I'm looking at getting a GPU so I would need to change the setup. I was thinking of something that holds a hard drive vertically on its side, which would allow me to stash it close to the front of the case and be out of the way of a GPU. I'm guessing I'll have to build something, but I was hoping someone might know of a product that could do this? I'm picturing some U-shaped foam or rubber pads with wide feet to prevent tipping over or something. I think it'd be easier to adapt an existing mount that start from scratch but I'm not sure. Ideas?