Highend Socket-A roundup - including the new tower coolers

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Highend Socket-A roundup - including the new tower coolers

Post by rp » Mon Mar 29, 2004 3:33 am

Its in german, but the graphs from page 12 and on, should be universal ;)

http://pctweaks.de/index.php?i=berichte ... inhaltid=1

Did a quick search, and couldn't find it here, so thought I'd post it.

Havent read the entire thing yet, so no cliffnotes...

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Post by silvervarg » Mon Mar 29, 2004 6:10 am

They seem to have a very good spread in coolers that they use. Including one water cooling system. It seems a bit odd to include that one, but it might be nice as comparison.
They also ran in 3 speeds: stock speed (XP1800+ JIUHB) 1533MHz, overclocked 2083MHz and massively overclocked 2300 MHz.
The tests is performed with thing mounted in a case, and that is quite rare for these kinds of tests.

I could not see any indication of what fans was used, so I guess the fans varied, so airflow and noise would be quite different on each cooler. Also they did not measure the noise level.
These drawbacks limit the possible usage of the test results a lot, making them almost useless. Sad, when they did put in so much effort... But I guess they aimed the tests for overclockers and not for SPCR...

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Post by jojo4u » Mon Mar 29, 2004 1:16 pm

They are using the Abit NF7-S 2.0. There is no indication wether it are socket- or diodetemps.

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Post by halcyon » Mon Mar 29, 2004 11:33 pm


I think Aero Cool HT-101 is the winner in this test. In terms of noise/cooling it appears to be a winner (according to many separate tests).

The new Cooler Master and Thermaltake heatpipe towers are yet to be tested though.

It'll be interesting to see which one of them supports highest cooling at lowest air flow volumes.

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Post by AZBrandon » Tue Mar 30, 2004 7:18 am

Keep in mind you can always go to world.altavista.com and punch in a URL to have it kind-of translated to English. Try this link:

Engrish version

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