Athlin64 3000+ XP-120 Fanless SLK-3000B will it fit?

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Athlin64 3000+ XP-120 Fanless SLK-3000B will it fit?

Post by MajereXYU » Mon Apr 11, 2005 1:28 pm

Hello, I am putting together a new Athlon64 system.

I am wondering if all the components will fit together as I will be using a big heatsink (XP-120).

Here are the components:

Antec SLK-3000B case with Nexus 120mm fans at exhaust and intake.
Seasonic S12 380 or 430 PSU
Asus A8N-E nForce4 Motherboard
AMD Athlon64 3000+ CPU
Thermalright XP-120 Heatsink
Zalman NB47J cooler on Motherboard Chipset
Gigabyte GeForce 6600GT Passive video card.

Do you think that I can run the Athlon64 3000+ fanless (undervolting it a bit, will be a Venice core, those seem to undervolt quite well)?

and do you think the XP-120 will fit when using the S12 380/430 PSU?

also, do you think the Zalman chipset cooler will interfere with the video card??

Thanks for your replies.... looking forward to a fast and silent system...

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Post by piotrgurin » Mon Apr 11, 2005 2:56 pm

Excellent Quesiton.
I am thinking of a very similar setup aswell. Same Case, same cpu as you, same psu. Only difference is the Mobo and vid card . i'm thinkin ethir DFI Ultra-D or Msi Neo Plat4. and msi x800xl. Sorry to piggy on your thread, but mabye someone can kill two birds with one stone 8)

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Post by seltrus » Mon Apr 11, 2005 3:03 pm

I would venture to say yes, although you might need to block off some of the ventilation holes to make sure that you get directed airflow over the xp-120 through the CPU duct. I would be cautious with the intake fan and also the additional video card vent on the side panel. See the following excellent threads (they are the same computer, the first one is more of a case review with a followup that runs an xp-120 fanless in an Antec SLK2650 which shares some characteristics of the 3000B).

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