Need suggestion for noise on dual CPU mobo

Cooling Processors quietly

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Post by gksam » Sat Nov 23, 2002 10:16 am

I'm thinking you can get 2 nice heatsinks (provided that they fit on your board). Like 2 Thermalright AX7 (they are round $50 CDN/ea) and run Panaflos @ 7V or so on them. Monitoring temperature to make sure its suitable

I don't think P3 733 get very hot. I have a p3 667 slot 1 which runs fanless with a compaq or dell OEM heatsink.


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Post by gksam » Sun Nov 24, 2002 11:08 am

Hmmmm... I don't think the P3 733 is very hot -- but maybe somebody would like to verify this for me. I had a P3 667 which wasn't very hot, and also a P3 750 which wasn't very hot.

I'm not sure how the Papst are since I have never heard one. However, I believe people say they have an annoying "clicking sound" when running slow. So maybe you should stick with the Panaflo.

I have a P3 1.4 on my system right now. I run a Volcano 7 on it. If I run the fan at 7V (I am using a PAnaflo L1A on it), the CPU temps will go to around 49oC. If I put the fan at 12V, it is around 43oC. I have an AX7 sitting here which I am going to try.. so hopefully itw ill be better.

But looking at MikeC's review of the AMD AthlonXP with the various heatsinks (Zalman 6000, ThermalRight SLK800, ThermalRight AX7, etc), it looks like the AX7 with a Panaflo at 5 or 7 V was able to handle the AthlonXP (which puts out alot more heat than your p3 733).


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Post by Justin_R » Sun Nov 24, 2002 10:57 pm

According to the Processor Electrical Specifications site (linked to from SPCR's excellent Web Links page), the max. power consumption on a P3 733 is 19.1W. I have one system that has an AX-7 on a 29W P3 1Ghz. I have it configured so that most of the time the CPU fan (80mm Panaflo L) doesn't even run, giving an idle temp of about 29C. When the CPU gets hotter, the fan kicks on at minimal speed (20% set in SpeedFan), and the max. temp is 42C. Point being, I think AX-7s with 5V Panaflos or 12dB papsts would be cooling-power overkill for your system.

Now, the AX-7 is a great cooler, and if you buy them you'll be able to use them on other Socket 370s or Athlon XPs in the future. But you will need to put fans on top of them, and more fans equals more noise. But you may be perfectly comfortable with that noise level.

Here's two other alternatives you can consider:

1) Get two Zalman CNPS6000AlCu heatsinks. With the amount of airflow you have in your case (from the CPU-side fan on the Antec and the Panaflo intake), you probably won't need any additional fans. This will cost about the same as getting AX-7s. It will be a little cramped, but not much more than with the AX-7s plus the 80x25mm fans.

2) Find a way to stick 5V 80mm Panaflos on top of your current heatsinks. This method will almost certainly provide enough cooling for you, be respectably quiet, and, last but not least, be cheap. The only trick is figuring out how to attach the fans. One way to do this is double-sided foam tape. A more professional way is to use plastic cable ties passed through the mounting holes of the fan and holes in your heatsink. "What holes in my heatsink?" you ask. The ones you're going to make with a drill, of course. And the easy pre-fab route is to buy an 80->60mm fan converter, which may or may not work for you if you're tight on space.

Ultimately, I'd say if you plan on getting an Athlon XP sometime down the line, get the AX-7 with 5V Panaflos. If you want the quietest solution possible for your present setup, get the Zalmans. And if you just want something quieter than what you have without spending lots of money, rig up some 5V Panaflos on your present heatsinks.

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Post by powergyoza » Mon Nov 25, 2002 12:57 am

Should I remove the Panaflow intake fan to reduce noise?
It may depend on your case, but in general yes, you should remove intake fans. They disrupt the airflow inside the case.
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