High temps with HR-01 in TJ-08

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High temps with HR-01 in TJ-08

Post by metalchaos » Sat Mar 24, 2007 11:55 pm


I have a Silverstone TJ-08, C2D E6300, Asrock Conroe945G, Samsung HD501LJ, 2 Nexus@800-900rpm, Corsair 520W.

Problem is that I have too high temps with the passive HR-01 (without the duct... it wasn't in the package)... 50C idle... 72 with Orthos or TAT, but the cooler itself doesn't feel hot... it's warm, but I can keep my fingers on it, even at the base. The northbridge for example burns my finger.

I know that it's mounted ok, all the locks were in place and it feels tight. Could this mean that the base isn't quite flat. It will make a difference if I lapp it? This guy has 39C in full.

Also I noticed something else... I don't feel any air coming from the back Nexus... but if I open the case I do feel a lot of air. Also the PSU seems quite warm. WHY?? On the front intake I have a Nexus and I also have the side intake (covered with an air filter... I live in a dusty place).

Please help :roll:


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Post by scorp » Sun Mar 25, 2007 12:49 am

The stock mounting system is quite bad (in my experience); the C2D HSes aren't even close to being flat (at least none of the 4 C2Ds I've tested were) and the HR-01's base isn't that great either (I have one and it's not exactly flat nor very well finished); first of all you should take of the HR-01 and see how the much contact it makes with the CPU (you might have a nasty surprise there); to improve the HR-01-C2D contact you might buy a Thermalright LGA775 Bolt-Thru-kit (it's extremely cheap and a lot more secure than the push-pin system);

The much better solution would be to get a Scythe Ninja (is possible the first revision, which has a default mounting system for socket 478); under the same conditions the Scythe Ninja got me a TAT load of 57C / 54C and the HR-01 64C / 60C; altrenatively you could make a DIY duct from cardboard (or something similar) for the HR-01

Try to remove the intake Nexus; I doubt that it makes a lot of difference, if any;

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Re: High temps with HR-01 in TJ-08

Post by DonQ » Sun Mar 25, 2007 5:43 am

The fellow you mention has a P180. I didn't see a picture of his setup but I did see a picture of yours. To me it looks like you're not getting any airflow through your HR-01. If your PSU is super quiet then it's probably not adding to the airflow through the HR-01.

Your hard drive seems to be doing a good job of creating dead air between the HR-01 and the front of the case. What happens to your CPU temps with your case open?

I would try the following: Take out the front fan and the foam filter from the front, cover the side door vent, and then place the hard drive on the bottom... and see what happens. Just a thought.

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Re: High temps with HR-01 in TJ-08

Post by J. Sparrow » Sun Mar 25, 2007 8:48 am

You should really duct that HR-01.
metalchaos wrote:I don't feel any air coming from the back Nexus... but if I open the case I do feel a lot of air.
Do this check: open the side and listen to the sound the fans are making; then close the side and listen again. Do the fans spin up a lot? If the answer is yes, try remove the front slot covers and close the side again.

You could also check the fan speed in software if the motherboard reports it.

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