ECS G31T-M Undervolt ideas

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ECS G31T-M Undervolt ideas

Post by signal64 » Mon Nov 05, 2007 6:58 pm

I got this board as a "throw away" when purchasing a new Intel E6850.

Those not familiar with Fry's Electronics stores here in the U.S., they tend to bundle Box Retail CPU's with ECS boards at a usually less than their going CPU price (and at times beating online prices once you consider shipping costs) and so you go for the CPU to upgrade that other system and end up with a "cheap" board lying around as a result. I see most folks eBay them.

The ECS G31T-M is a pretty low end board but was thinking of replacing a now very old ASUS A8V deluxe w/ a 939 4000 90nm San Diego that I use as a very quiet (but somewhat warm) game server. Thought just maybe I'd get a little more umph with an undervolt E6600 with this board (and hopefully a bit cooler in the process).

I was able to run the E6600 at a 1.1v on another system and was getting great temps out of it.

But like most low end boards, there isn't any CPU VCORE control in BIOS.

Was wondering where to even begin to figure out how to physically undervolt it or if there was even some recommended software (Linux and/or WinXP) to help solve this.

Here's one of many online reviews of the board:

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Post by aaa » Mon Nov 05, 2007 8:03 pm

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