PSU idea

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PSU idea

Post by Minotaar » Mon Jun 09, 2003 2:02 am

Seen a few posts on PSU cooling and ducting.

I never did this before, but maybe someone with hands on experience can clue me in...

suppose you have a two fan (1 exhaust, 1 interior) PSU

why not just flip the power supply upside down, cut a blowhole out the top of the case, and let the internal fan become external? Some ducting might be necessary, but then you got your PSU on an entirely external circuit.

The wires wouldnt be in the way because they run out the back of the PSU, so they'd still be in the right place, but perhaps changing sides - no biggie.

might require some redrilling for putting the mounting frame upside down on the case...

is this hard?

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