Silverstone NT01-E - *don't buy* (unless aware)

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Silverstone NT01-E - *don't buy* (unless aware)

Post by darunium » Thu Jun 16, 2011 6:20 am

I mentioned this in my other post, but here's the end result:

on mATX boards the Silverstone NT01-E blocks the first expansion slot. If you are looking for an H67 mATX board, all such currently commercially available boards have the PCIe 2.0 x16 slot in the first position, so the NT01-E precludes using a VGA card.

Silverstone makes no mention of this incompatability anywhere, even in their suggestion that one use the NT01-E with their GD04 case, which only takes mATX boards. It is difficult to check this compatability without buying the cooler and trying it.

I have contacted them by phone and email, and have received no response. That they made the suggestion of this pairing without any mention of this clear issue, which is not restricted to any particular setup but is endemic to *all* motherboards (the first expansion slot, regardless of what port that is, is always blocked), is frustrating and definitely shines a negative light on them.

It is too bad, because as I've said in other posts the GD04/GD05 are beautifully designed cases. That they did not communicate this error to the consumer, instead just trying to get people to buy their products without considering customer satisfaction, is dissappointing.

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