Replaced default Kotetsu fan with a Kaze Flex PWM (RHP)

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Replaced default Kotetsu fan with a Kaze Flex PWM (RHP)

Post by traceracute » Mon Apr 23, 2018 8:00 pm

I wanted to replace my Kotetsu with the newer Scythe fans without having to replace the entire cooler. The Mark ii Kotetsu comes with the same fan.

However the default RPM is 250-260 on idle, which is good for noise but I'm not sure about temps. According to HWMonitor my CPU is around the same as it was before, but slightly hotter, but only by a few degrees. I'm not sure whether I believe this or not. Typically before I'd idle around 500-600 RPM and in game it would go up to 800-900. Now I idle around 250-260 and load it's around 650-700.

My question is, is this safe? I mean it seemed fine but at times I seemed to lag or my FPS would drop more than usual. I'm not sure if maybe it was the game or it was because of the lower RPM. Is there maybe a way to find what my previous fan curves were in the BIOS and set them to that?

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Re: Replaced default Kotetsu fan with a Kaze Flex PWM (RHP)

Post by Abula » Mon Apr 23, 2018 8:56 pm

Heat degrades electronic components, over time they will fail, as all hardware will. Now how fast.... most of us in here take a hit on temperatures to run a quieter setup.

As long as your components are with in temperature tolerance you should be fine for the average lifespan of hardware. Todays cpus and components are much friendly handling these breakpoints with thermal throttles or shutdowns before you do short term harm.

Certain hardware now turbos with below certain temperature thresholds, including intel cpus and nvidia gpus, so you might experience lower performance if you allow to reach certain temperatures. Out of curiosity, what hardware are you running and what temperatures are they reaching?
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