CPU cooling systems...

Cooling Processors quietly

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CPU cooling systems...

Post by ironmathyu5 » Wed Apr 15, 2020 10:47 pm

More in concrete, about AIO vs Air systems...and money versus performance (and good looking, always).

In AIO, we have top systems, like Kraken X62, Corsair H150i Pro, TT 360...but they are quite expensive.

In air, we have NOCTUA, that's all. The NH-D15 will life forever in your system...but it is not quite aesthetic. It is huge and too much heavy. However price is better than the AIO's I mentioned earlier.

So...alternatives to:

- Some AIO not quite expensive, but nearly as good as the others...maybe some Corsair H100i?

- Some air cooler not as beast like the D15, but also as great as it could be?

I'm thinking in a long term...A cooler to keep my CPU fresh in a hot summers (and my futures CPU's also. Think about Intel top CPU with a K at the end...)

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Re: CPU cooling systems...

Post by CA_Steve » Thu Apr 16, 2020 9:53 am

Welcome to SPCR.

Take a look at the Scythe Fuma, Mugen and Ninja coolers. They provide good cooling performance, are quiet and reasonably priced in many countries.

A more specific answer pretty much depends on the specific CPU's TDP and actual power use.
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