Decoupled my unmodified yate loon (nexus type) and P180 pics

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Decoupled my unmodified yate loon (nexus type) and P180 pics

Post by nutbar » Sun Oct 09, 2005 9:18 pm

Decoupling a Nexus type fan (Yate Loon Orange) without cutting plastic. Not hard, and maybe it's been covered a lot, but here's what I did!

Click here for pics of the process and results
I discovered a large portion of the noise coming from my system was the solid mounted rear fan in the P180. So I thought I'd really slaughter the noise by soft mounting a yate loon in that spot. I had some foam collected from hard drive shipments at work, and piles of zip ties at my disposal.

I used a box cutter to cut the foam to desireable sized bits. Then a tiny allen wrench punched perfect perforations through the pieces. You can see in the detail photos exactly how I used the zip ties to hold it all together. One of the pics shows a zip tie "assembly" seperately so you can see exactly what I did.

I also removed the top fan. The change overall has resulted in a very noticable noise decrease, and idle temps are up about 2 degrees C. CPU 36c, MB 36c, chipset 32c (unchanged). Also I'm currently not running the cpu at 2750 as my signature says, 2500 for now to see how things go.

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Post by Ackelind » Mon Oct 10, 2005 2:51 am

I think removing the top fan is what did the difference. Removing the top fan in my system was one of the biggest improvements I've done so far.

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Post by bajker » Wed Oct 12, 2005 11:23 am

Nice idea! Simple and effective. Tnx for suggestion.

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