NF-S12B FLX still getting resonance

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NF-S12B FLX still getting resonance

Post by baobeiiii » Mon Jan 28, 2013 6:02 am


i'm making a super quiet rig mainly for office work.

It's a silencio 650 case, 3x noctua NF-S12B FLX (two intake one exhuast), deepcool twinfrost cooler (but i changed the fans to TY-140's).

Basically I have an issue with the front two noctua fans. I attached them using the rubber screws and am using the ultra low adapter that makes them max 600rpm. They can't be heard, but even at this super low setting they are creating crazy resonance in my case. This can be heard slightly with the case doors off, and loudly when i put the sides of the case on. This case already has sound dampening material on the sides.

Is there anything I can do? If they didn't resonate, I could easily run them at 1000rpm. Any faster then that and they make quite a bit of noise, because at the front of the case they are in a very restricted environment with filter, door in-front and HDD bays behind.

Thanks for any advice! I'll try to post a pic.

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Re: NF-S12B FLX still getting resonance

Post by mentawl » Mon Jan 28, 2013 4:41 pm

Have you tried running the front two fans at slightly different speeds? IE one at 800rpm, the other at 600rpm or so. The resonance may be due to constructive interference from the two fans close together. Even just try turning one off for a while to see how much of a difference it makes.
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