Air Penetrator 182 fan controllers too imprecise

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Air Penetrator 182 fan controllers too imprecise

Post by » Tue Jun 09, 2015 11:07 pm

I recently purchased a Fortress FT05 as well as a pair of AP182's to replace the AP181's installed in the case.

I have installed the 182's but I'm having trouble adjusting the airflow with the included fan controllers.

When I turn the knob from 0 to about 25% the fan runs at about 550-600 RPM according to the motherboard sensor. But when I turn the knob just a little bit further, it instantly goes from 550 RPM to max speed at 2000 RPM (and gets REALLY loud)

This means I am unable to adjust the fan at all, it's either minimum speed (0-25% on the knob) or max speed (26-100% on the knob)

I have connected the fans to my 3 pin connectors on the motherboard (both PWM and chassis connectors), and I have tried using the included molex connectors to draw power directly from the PSU. The behavior is the same. Unfortunately I have an older MB, so I can't use FanExpert 2 or SpeedFan to control the fans.

Anybody else experienced this? I'm thinking about RMA'ing them, but I wan't to be sure that it's not me thats doing something wrong.

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Re: Air Penetrator 182 fan controllers too imprecise

Post by Abula » Wed Jun 10, 2015 8:53 pm

You can still undervolt them aside from the knob, thats what FanXpert2 does and MSI bios fan control does in my experience, Taming the beast, Silverstone AP182, check in the link how the behavior of the fan changes, its not only the top speed, but the curve itself.

In my current build on FT05, im using the MSI bios and the knobs to control the, didnt go all the way down, but around 384rpms, where its good enough for me. Even with your old motherboard try in Chassis fans headers different preset, like Silent, Normal, etc, they should lower some the rpms, and then play with knobs, etc. Its more a test and play with what you own, you could also get some 5V or 7V adapters.
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