PHANTEKS fans, how good are they in reality?

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PHANTEKS fans, how good are they in reality?

Post by skafo » Wed Aug 03, 2016 1:02 am


I'm looking for new fans for my PC. Case is a Coolermaster Silencio 650. Used to be pretty silent when it was new but the fans are too noisy for my likings by now, along with my Macho HR-02 Rev. A fan, so I want to replace all of them. That means I need a 140mm CPU fan with 120mm mounting holes, two 140mm casefans and one or two 120mm PWM case fans.

I'm not gonna spend over 15€ for each so no bequiets, or Noctuas. I'm looking into Phanteks right now, namely the

1x PHANTEKS PH-F140HP for the CPU
1 or 2 x PH-F120XP or PH-F120MP (which one is better) for the case; alternatively PH-F120SP
2 x PH-F140SP for the case

Does anyone have first hand experience with Phanteks fans, especially the ones I listed. I read a comparison on here and they beat even Noctuas, but how good are the really in terms of cooling power and noise? In particular how does the PHANTEKS PH-F140HP fare against a standard Macho fan (I think for Rev. A it was a TY 141).


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Re: PHANTEKS fans, how good are they in reality?

Post by Abula » Wed Aug 03, 2016 6:19 am

Welcome to SPCR skafo

With phanteks, specially PWM you wont drop that low, i tested a couple of them like a year ago, and they didnt drop below 650rpms or so, kinda like old TY141/140.

I would consider Noctua Redux line, as long as your motherboard can control the fans they can drop very low. On the Macho you can use the Noctua NF-P14r PWM, it can drop around 250rpms as long as your motherboard can.
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Re: PHANTEKS fans, how good are they in reality?

Post by Neocray » Wed Aug 03, 2016 9:41 am

Well, the HP and the SP fans are indeed supposed to drop quite low in revs, like ~350 rpm.
I haven't tested myself, but some will surely confirm that.

And if you know where to buy HP or SP fans, please let me know. They seem to be out of stock in all Europe.

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