nzxt h440 new fans (budget) scythe/arctic/deepcool/gelid

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nzxt h440 new fans (budget) scythe/arctic/deepcool/gelid

Post by junneh » Tue Jan 03, 2017 9:18 am


Since the stock fans in my nzxt h440 are near dead ive decided to replace them.

For longer lifespan im looking at ball bearing fans only, also, because 2 will be mounted vertically. Also, the fans must be PWM.

Im on a tight budget ( well not really but ive found the more expensive fans dont really live up to their price, save for my 2 noctuas on the heatsink)

I will be needing 5 fans, 3 intake, 2 top exhaust, all 120mm. (140 x2 in top is imho overkill and more expensive)

For the 140 exhaust i already have a 140mm Scythe glidestream (i could pick it up for 3 euros :) )

Considering PWM/Ball Bearing/Budget these are the top contenders:

Arctic f12 pwm CO
Scythe slipstream DB 120 pwm
Deepcool uf120
Gelid silent 12 pwm (not a ball bearing but they say 50k mtbf)

Which one would you recommend? All fans are priced within 7-9 euros for me.

For completeness sake/noise profiles I already have experience with these fans:

Corsair sp120 non pwm ( low startup voltage, way to loud, motor buzz when undervolt (can live with the buzz, seem to underperform when undervolted)
Noiseblocker XL2 120 (these are nice but have developed a rattle because of horizontal mounting, if this was not the case id get these again in a heartbeat)
Xigmatek led fans (pure crap)
Nzxt stock (okay, bit noisy)
Glidestream 140 (nice cfm, bit noisy, good undervolt)

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