So, any news on any new slim 140mm fans?

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So, any news on any new slim 140mm fans?

Post by gsilver » Wed Jan 04, 2017 3:14 pm

I saw the article about Noctua, and it says that they're coming out with some new ones around end of 2016... but I also found some articles from 2015 which said that they'd come out with slim 120/140mm fans at the end of 2015.

Any new/upcoming products that I should look at?
Options for fans in this form factor seem kind of "slim" but the case that I'm using will only accommodate that type (Fractal Design Core 500 + Heligon HE-02 heatsink)

//Yes, I've seen the earlier thread about slim 140mm fans, and picked one as a stop-gap, but I'm wondering if something better is in the works.

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