Vantec Vibration Dampener Kits

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Vantec Vibration Dampener Kits

Post by fraxinus » Wed Oct 22, 2003 5:18 am

Has anyone tried the Vantec Vibration Dampener Kit?

Are they any good?

Or do people just use the EAR grommits?

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Post by Ralf Hutter » Wed Oct 22, 2003 5:26 am

I bought one to cut up and use the thin silicon rubber to put between the rattley door panels of my new 3700BQE. It works great for that! :)

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Post by Riffer » Wed Oct 22, 2003 6:17 am

They are a lot easier to use than the EAR grommets in tight spaces, so I switched.

To be honest, I never saw any improvement with the EAR grommets, so I can't judge the Vantec/Antec things. Certainly I haven't noticed any additional noise.

One thing I really like though, is those neoprene washers that you get with the kit. They are quite useful.

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Post by fraxinus » Mon Oct 27, 2003 11:39 am


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Post by Lilla » Fri Nov 14, 2003 3:24 pm

I am using Vantec Vibration Dampener Kits for fan and PSU.
I cut-out the builtin fan grills front and rear and replaced with wire finger guards.

I recall reading a post that explained that wire finger guards do more than protect fingers, that they actually prevent electrical interference from escaping the case (or something to that affect). The writer told of someone that had to move away from their computer in order to get good cell phone reception because of electrical interference from their computer.

My steps for installing Vantec Vibration Dampener kit & wire finger guards.
1) The kit contains neopreme washers, the instructions say to place a washer on the fan screw. So I do it.
2) Then I push the screw with washer (from step 1) through the screw hole in the wire finger guard,
3) Then I place another neopreme washer on the fan screw, that is now sticking out the other side of the finger guard.
4) Then I screw this assembly into the fan which has the vantec vibration gasket on it.

Question: Does sandwiching the wire finger guard between neopreme washers interfere with (ie prevent) the finger guard from blocking electrical interference. In order words, the does the wire finger guard need to be screwed directly into the case (without using neopreme washer between guard and case) in order for it to perform the function of blocking electrical emissions from the computer.

One reason that I decided to ask is that the kits don't include enough washers to do it the way I describe above (I am 4 washers short), which made me think well then maybe they don't intend for me to do this way.

I hope this makes sense, and isn't a totally stupid question. I'm a newbie, and the only thing I've done so far is to install the fans. And I want to make sure this step is right before I install the power supply.

P.S. I just installed the PSU, in this case E4252, with this PSU Seasonic Super Silencer 400w there's not enough space for Vantec Dampener gasket, so did not use the dampener gasket, but did use the little washers.

Thanks, Lilla

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Post by silvervarg » Sat Nov 15, 2003 10:47 am

Don't worry about the electical interference at all. The fan grill is mostly there to protect your fingers from the sharp blades.

If you had enough washers it would at least not hurt to put the washers in all places you described.
Sine you are short of washers the ones between the fangrill and the case is the ones that have least effect, so that would be the ones to skip.

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How to make your own soft washers for vibration dampening.

Post by Lilla » Sat Nov 15, 2003 12:00 pm

SilverVarg, thank you for that useful information.
Riffer wrote:One thing I really like though, is those neoprene washers that you get with the kit. They are quite useful.
My Dad is a very resourceful fellow. I showed him one of the little soft washers from my Vantec Dampener Kit, and said I wished I had more of these. He said I think I can make you some of those and off he went downstairs to his shop, an amazing place, and he comes up with a piece of small rubber tubing. The tubing reminds me of what they tie around your arm when they draw a blood sample. Dad said you can buy this tubing at the hardware store, or Home Depot type stores.

He then takes out his pocket knife, and places the rubber tubing on a kitchen cutting board and slices me off a bunch of soft washers, that are the pretty darn close to the size and material of the Vantec soft washers. How many do you want he says... A couple dozen should do I reply. He said well if you need more we can made plenty more...

I thought this was a super great idea, and I wanted to share it here.

You can slice them as thin or thick as you want. And to make soft washers for bigger screws just use bigger tubing.


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Post by SomeGuy15 » Sat Nov 15, 2003 3:42 pm

Did you notice any improvements from using the vibration dampening washers and gaskets? I'm about to build a new system and I'm thinking of getting the Antec Noise Killers (which are basically the same as the Vantec)

I'll be building with an Antec SX630-II case and was wondering whether these silicon washers will dampen the harddisk as well as the NoVibes or Zalman HDD heatsink/isolator.

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Post by canthearyou » Sun Nov 16, 2003 9:44 am

The openings in the wire grille are likely far too wide to block electrical interference at the frequences computers generate. Microwaves operate at 2.5GHz and you can see the size of the holes in the front window grille.

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Post by Trip » Sat Nov 29, 2003 12:08 pm

So is electrical interference bad for you? I thought it was only bad for computers.

Wait, Microwaves!? Someone please elaborate.

I didn't notice a bit of difference after applying an Antec Damner kit to my PSU. The Seasonic Silencer doesn't seem to vibrate at all. I had trouble screwing the PSU in after the PSU damner was applied (dampner raised it a mm or so), but removed it when I realised it didn't do anything. I use a desktop case though. I did use the silicone washers though.

My fans use EAR isolators, but I did put a silicone gasket below the CPU fan. Couldn't tell any difference, but it probably made some difference since the silicone is softer than the hard plastic fan. I left it on. Note: the fan doesn't fit as snuggly in the thermalright 80mm slot with the gasket on. It fits, but not in the groove. This is not what it was made for.

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