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Post by serfurj » Fri Apr 08, 2005 7:48 am

i used pax-mate on one computer so far. it helped a lot.

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Post by nina » Sun Apr 30, 2006 5:30 am

I have the same problem on my 3700BQE.
Noisy drives.
But I wonder if raising the HDs won't obstruct the airflow.
When the Hard disks (I have three) are placed normally
you have holes in between them to get the airflow to the
back of the case. But raising the HDs, wouldn't it obstruct the air?
I am thinking of removing the HD case and placing the HDs in
the upper bay with something I don't now yet.
Maybe the zalman HD system or the Sunbeam HDD silencers.
But in the upper tray the HDs have no airflow at all.. :?
I will search a bit more on this forum, but your idea is a good one.

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Post by dfrost » Mon May 01, 2006 1:04 pm


I'm using m0002a's method with two HDD's in my Sonata, with an intake fan at 5V (840 rpm) attached to the cage in the standard Sonata location. The Samsung drive doesn't exceed 31C (but I think it reads a little bit low), and the Seagate is under 38C (always runs higher). With that fan off, they went up 2C. The intake airflow is slightly restricted, but still adequate to also cool the passive graphics card. BTW, I found that the second slot down runs coolest by a few degrees.

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