Quiet / Noisy Monitor Survey

They make noise, too.

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Re: Quiet / Noisy Monitor Survey

Post by sgrossklass » Fri Aug 11, 2017 5:08 pm

Here's my experience:

NEC 1990SXi
Can't complain. There's a minimal amount of high-pitched whine coming from somewhere but I'm literally 1 ft in front of the monitor (part of why I'm still on a 19"). Standby makes a teeny bit of noise these days. Was a hardly-used demo unit that I bought in '12-ish, keeping up quite well (save for some image retention in a warm spot up top) as it's always been on auto brightness and never in too bright an environment.

NEC 1990FX/FXp
Got a whole bunch of these used @work at one time, they're essentially silent in use but make a pretty nasty high-pitched raspy hissing sound in standby that's heard throughout the room. All of them, both FX and FXp. Were these like that from new or are there some dead caps lurking in the power supply, anyone got a clue?

Eizo L795
This oldie is silent in use, but makes an audible high-pitched buzzing noise in standby as previously reported here. SMPS going into pulsed mode, I guess? A fair few hours on this one, don't ask what gain settings I need to get a decent 6000K out of it.

I never noticed anything too objectionable with my old Samsung 191T (but boy did it ever need color cal), a bunch of Eizo 1921s (including newer ones with LED backlight), a 1932, or an HP ZR2440w. NEC 1980FX is OK too, I think, the flickering power LED is weird though (maybe related to this sample being old and very worn out, presumably used for graphics work for a decade - image retention in this LG-Philips IPS panel is literally weeks to months, so it probably got quite warm, and white point and brightness are barely acceptable in native mode). My memory on a few others is too fuzzy at this point.

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Re: Quiet / Noisy Monitor Survey

Post by anserk » Fri Dec 28, 2018 12:25 pm

Dell S2409W
It's an old monitor that I used for about 9 years. There is a noticeable buzz coming from it. It's not high-pitched so not as annoying. But definitely can be heard from a normal working distance in a quiet room. When powered off using the button, the buzz stops. The sound reminds of the buzz coming from long fluorescent tube bulbs.

LG 27UK600W
This monitor is dead silent. According to various reviews, there is no PWM whatsoever, so that is eliminated as a potential noise source. I have lowered brightness to 15% without any adverse sounds.
Another nice feature in this monitor is the external power supply brick (like on laptops). Not only it makes the monitor lighter and thinner, it also reduces potential noise issues. Currently the power brick doesn't produce any sounds. But if it starts buzzing or whining after years of use, first of all, the brick is further away from my ears down on the floor and behind the table, and second, it's easy to replace an external power supply.

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Re: Quiet / Noisy Monitor Survey

Post by CristianoO'Quinn » Fri Jun 19, 2020 5:28 am

MikeC wrote:
Thu Nov 06, 2008 2:59 pm
Post the make and model of your monitor and whether it whines. If it does, describe the degree, nature and conditions. As this log grows, everyone can benefit by using it as a quick reference. When it gets big enough, we will turn it to a table with multiple models, samples and ratings, and keep it up to date.
my monitor is ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q 27-inch , WQHD 2560 x 1440 resolution ,165Hz refresh rate and NVIDIA - very quiet

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