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Post by jazzbug » Mon Jul 29, 2019 11:12 pm

I have never built a HTPC for my music streaming but I’d love to.

My current set ups is Acer Win 7 (10 yrs old laptop) – AQ Ethernet cable – Router – AQ Ethernet cable – Ethernet/fiber converter - AQ Ethernet cable – PS Audio Bridge II – PS Audio DSD DAC Sr – Amp – Speaker.

My HTPC project will be in HDPLEX 2nd Gen H5 case, which is currently out of stock unfortunately, with HDPLEX 200W LPS to power everything.

I just couldn’t wait for the package to order the HDPLEX 200W LPS by itself first, as I can try the multiple output to power the Ethernet chain, yeah!

HDPLEX has been really helpful and even offered to keep me the combo discount if I order H5 later.

I received DHL tracking and it took only 4 days to reach. The package was really sturdy with protection.

I set A & B output @ 9V to power up two TP-LINK MC100CM 10/100M RJ45 To 100m Multi-Mode SC Fiber Converter, DC12V to power the router and finally DC19V to power Acer laptop. If still can I’d like to use LPS to power the 8TB HDD attached to Acer, oh well, I believe it’s good enough at this trial stage.

I switched everything on. Oh my, immediately I said to myself What a Difference a Day Made…like I posted on PS Audio forum recently when someone asked about LPS impression, it just like the veil lifted.

PS Audio Ethernet Bridge has been a practical cost effective solution with brilliant SQ for me for years, I believe it’s the solution for a lot PS Audio DAC users. I have got to be used to the sound quality and recently I felt less engaging, guess that’s my or most of us audiophiles’ excuse to make change of the system.

With HDPLEX 200W LPS almost each aspect of the music reproduction from my system has improved. I used to whinge that the music played turned to be like background when I did something else at the same time. With HDPLEX LPS even if I have been doing computing, my attention would be always dragged back to the familiar music playing.

I just couldn’t wait for the H5 to be available, can’t imagine LPS to power my first HTPC then I could try USB into DAC directly to compare with my Bridge II…
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Post by CA_Steve » Tue Jul 30, 2019 4:58 am

Welcome to SPCR. (moved post to Audio Crafts forum).

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