A ducted Zalman 7000A CU - finally

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A ducted Zalman 7000A CU - finally

Post by SpyderCat » Wed May 05, 2004 8:02 am

I thought there might be some interest in my latest quiet PC build.
The way I ducted the Zalman 7000A CU isn't done before, I think.

The System:
  • Ahanix "Black Knight" case (only in silver this time)
  • MSI K8T Neo-FIS2R Mobo
  • AMD Athlon 64 3000+ with ducted Zalman CPNS 7000A CU, 2 Panaflo L1A fans in tandem @ 6 volts
  • 2 x 512 MB Corsair PC4000 TwinX CMX512-4000PT (2.5-3-3-6)
  • ASUS V9520 Magic (NVidia 5200)
  • AOpen 350 Watts PSU (AO350-12APFN 28A~3.3V/30A~5V/18A~12V) modded with 'Nexus real silent' 120mm fan (1000 RPM max)
  • 1 Samsung 1614N (160 Gig IDE)
  • 2x Samsung 1614C (160 Gig SATA) on VIA controller
  • 1 Samsung CD-ROM SC-140A
  • 1 NEC DVD RW ND2500A
  • 1 Samsung floppydrive
  • 1 'Nexus real silent' 120mm casefan (front) @ 6 volts (1000 RPM max)

First I build a duct in foam, which contains a Panaflo L1A. Part of the duct fits inside the 7000A.


Then I covered the outside of the 7000A with the cuff of a dishwashing glove.



Assembled it looks like this:


Here I tried to use the counter-flow principle.
The air is forced to travel from the coldest point of the heatsink fins to the hottest parts, absorbing heat all the way.

A foam insert was mounted against the back of the case. Note the sensor for reading the temperature of the CPU-exhaust.
Also, on the outside you see a chimney with another Panaflo L1A on top.
As it takes some suction-power to pull enough air through this ducted heatsink, I found an undervolted L1A couldn't provide enough. I preferred 2 fans working in tandem to a more powerful fan.



This is another extremely "low airflow" rig.
Again I tried to capture hot air, and prevent it from spreading through the case.

4 fans
  • Front case fan 'Nexus real silent' 120mm @ 6 volts
  • PSU fan 'Nexus real silent' 120mm, probably @ 5 volts.
  • 2 Panaflo L1A fans, working in tandem, @ 6 volts to suck air through the Zalman cooler.
I disabled AMD's Cool'n'Quiet feature as I could undervolt the CPU at full speed.
This CPU runs @ 1.3 Volts while it normally is supposed to run @ 1.5 Volts.
Fully loaded (Folding@Home) the CPU runs 26 degrees Celsius over ambient.


The air in the case, measured @ PSU intake, is 6 degrees over ambient.
The boards case-temp sensor is talking rubbish :roll:

Have Fun !

Edit may 18th 2004

Later on an extended version of this tale was published as an article on this site. The article is here
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Post by PiSan » Wed May 05, 2004 1:07 pm

Wow, nice job! I may consider doing something now that I have this superb example.

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Post by DG » Wed May 05, 2004 3:12 pm

What were the temperatures before the duct mode?

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Post by DraGoNsLaYeR » Fri May 07, 2004 7:11 pm

Where can i get a duct like yours to go from the heatsink to the back of the case. Would the duct fit if the zalman fan was still attached?

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