BFG FX5200 Passive Socket 8 HS

They make noise, too.

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BFG FX5200 Passive Socket 8 HS

Post by BillyBuerger » Mon Oct 24, 2005 6:44 pm

I thought I'd share my experiences with my BFG FX5200 graphics card. I got it a while ago from a friend who had it laying around. It's the 256MB version so it was a pretty nice gift. I'm not a big gamer or nothing so I was fine with my ATI AIW Rage 128 PRO 32MB. I was a little sad to see the BFG had a little HSF on it. I was even more sad when I plugged it in and got the fan death sound. I was planning on swapping it for something passive anyways, but this meant immediately.

I didn't have any extra Zalman chipset heat sinks around at the time, so I rummaged around for what I did have. Hmm, a bunch of old Pentium heat sinks? They looked about the right size. The hard part was finding out how to mount them. Here's what I came up with:

Image Image

I wrapped some 20 gauge copper wire through the fins to make some loops out by where the pins go through. It worked, but I was always a little nervous about it. For one, the HS was a little crooked as the HS was just a tiny bit too wide. Second, the Pins didn't push straight through. They were angled a bit. It never came off, but I still didn't like it.

I never had any noticeable over-heating problems. No crashes or video problems. But the HS got incredibly warm. I wish I could have measured the temps. That also worried me a little. I have some 50mm Delta fans that are acceptable at 5V. That was enough to bring the temps down a bit.

Eventually I got another Zalman chipset HS and mounted that. That obviously mounted without any problems. But again, it also got extremely hot. I had some 40mm fans that I tried at 5V, but they were all too noisy.

THEN.... One day I saw one of my old Socket 8 heat sinks in my box of stuff. That looked promising. Here's what I did with it:

Image Image

First thing I had to do was cut a little notch into the side. There's a component on the board near the GPU that's just a bit to tall to have the HS fit over it. Second I drilled a hole through it for the one mounting. But in order to reach the mounting pin, I needed to chop off the nearby fins. No problem on the one side. On the other side, the mounting hole was about four rows of fins in. That would have been a lot of fins to chop off. So what I did was cut two whole rows of fins off. Then it was the same as the other side.

Ta-da! Now the mounting is much more secure, the HS is straight =) and I have a larger cooler area. Although the thing still gets pretty dang warm when doing any graphic intensive stuff. But hopefully my new case idea will help with some extra airflow around it.

Thanks for anyone who read this far =)

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