Open Letter re: Peter Kim &

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Open Letter re: Peter Kim &

Post by MikeC » Thu May 08, 2003 8:29 am

The shameful behavior of Peter Kim is now plainly exposed. PK's actions are easily described as fraud and misrepresentation. Anyone persuaded by the zeal of PK's disguised aliases have a right to feel deceived.

This is especially unfortunate in light of the opportunity SPCR represents to those seeking business entry to the growing noise-aware PC market. With the concentration of technically savvy members, there are even opportunities here to pick up on viable ideas for successful new products.

Businesses in the PC industry have contributed to SPCR from the very first. Many company reps are known to visit, sometimes providing valuable assistance. Much behind-the-scenes information I bring to light comes from the good will of companies, whether small or large.

The point is simple: Businesses involved in PC components have always been welcome here ? but on open and honest terms, which until now, have been the norm.

We could impose a sentence on Peter Kim by blocking all of his IP addresses and keeping vigilant about new aliases. But policing is not what I am interested in for SPCR.

I simply ask that Peter Kim and his associates to do the right thing and bow to the wishes of the community:
  • You are no longer respected or trusted, and your input is not freely welcome.
  • Please restrict your posts on the SPCR forums to replies about specific questions concerning products you sell, and refrain from any other communication via SPCR.
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