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Thanks for constructing and maintaining this site!

Post by GreatScot » Tue Sep 16, 2008 2:08 pm

I doubt I'll be posting a lot, but after using the SPCR site for a ton of useful information, I thought I'd pass along my thanks.

Basically, I'm finding that my Sempron 1.6GHz system was extremely slow in handling the massive RAW files my new dSLR creates, so I had to upgrade at a budget... my budget already having gone into the SLR and lenses!

I've long been cheezed off at the shake, rattle & hum of my PC's, but hadn't thought too much about it... until starting to research, and finally surfed in to SPCR.

After going through SPCR, I've decided to spend a little more, but rather than get a generic barebones for $500 with the usual noisy components, I'll be shelling out about $750 for such well-regarded parts as:

- Antec P182 (Kudos, Mike... Can't wait to get my hands on it)
- SeaSonic 380W PS (I had no idea that power consumption was down that low now, I'd been thinking of 500+ watts).
- ThermalRight Ultra 120 Extreme
- Scythe S-Flex 120mm medium speed fan
- Fanless GF8 video card

Interestingly, the only parts I have to special order are the P182, the SeaSonic PS and my fanless video card. My local shop had the massive heat sink and fan, which I wasn't sure they would. They also had the Zalman Fan Mate in stock, which may end up getting attached to a fan in my FreeBSD box.

I'm very much looking forward to my functional, efficient, and above all, quiet future.


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