Domino A.L.C by CoolIT. plug n play H20 kit.

The alternative to direct air cooling

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Domino A.L.C by CoolIT. plug n play H20 kit.

Post by xan_user » Mon Dec 29, 2008 10:40 pm

None of the reviews that ive found yet have any info on real noise...

But for $80 bucks it looks like it might be worth a shot.

"Advanced Control and Configuration– Configurable options range from whisper quiet operation to extreme cooling for overclocking…all at the touch of a button. The micro-controller auto-regulates the system in all modes of operation to ensure continuous protection." ... e&Itemid=3

There's also the PURE
"Extremely Quiet CPU Cooling." ... 8&Itemid=5

Edit: Dang looks like the Pure wasn't that quiet, so i doubt the domino would be better. :cry:

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Post by halcyon » Wed Jul 29, 2009 10:22 pm

More reviews

PC Perspective (no dB measurements, but say it is 'all but silent in quiet mode')

NeoSeeker ('a bit loud') ... omino_alc/

Overclockers HQ ... eview.html

Techpowerup ('near silent in normal operation. PWM control makes fan loud under heavy load') ... ALC/5.html

Bit-Tech (quality issues with radiator barbs, does not perform well at low fan setting) ... mino-alc/5

Looks like it has three settings: low (underperforming good fan heatsinks), high (way too noisy for SPCR) and PWM control (varies between lo & hi, according to temps).

It may not be SPCR level quiet out of the box based on the reviews above, and it has (had) quality issues.

Tread with caution.

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