Best Monitor For Planet Zoo 2023

What monitor will do your Planet Zoo justice?

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If you’re looking for a gaming monitor to play simulation games like Planet Zoo, you’ll want a display that offers excellent graphics performance, accurate color reproduction, and immersive screen size. To fully enjoy the game, you’ll want a monitor with a resolution of 1080p or higher and an IPS panel to ensure clear and accurate image quality. A screen size between 24 to 27 inches would be perfect for an immersive experience.

In addition to the screen quality, a high refresh rate of 60Hz or higher, and low input lag are essential to provide a smooth and responsive gaming experience. Gaming monitors offer an excellent combination of resolution, size, and refresh rate to fully immerse you in your favorite games. However, selecting the best gaming monitor can be daunting with so many new brands, features, and technologies.

Best Monitor For Planet Zoo: GIGABYTE G27Q

Gigabyte G27Q

Refresh rate


Response time

1ms (MPRT)

Screen size



2560 x 1440

  • Excellent image quality
  • Smooth and seamless gameplay
  • High resolution and color accuracy
  • Exclusive Aim Stabilizer feature to reduce motion blur
  • Good color balance and fast response time
  • Control panel position is hard to reach

The GIGABYTE G27Q is our top pick for playing Planet Zoo. This 27-inch gaming monitor boasts outstanding image quality without breaking the bank. Its FreeSync Premium and G-Sync compatibility ensure smooth and seamless gameplay, making it a favorite among gamers.

Equipped with an IPS panel with 2560×1440 resolution, this monitor delivers a visually immersive experience with plenty of screen real estate. The colors are accurate and consistent with 92% DCI-P3 color coverage, perfect for a game like Planet Zoo. The VESA Display HDR400 certification offers a wider range of colors and contrasts, making the game’s environments and animals more realistic and vibrant.

One unique feature of the GIGABYTE G27Q is its exclusive Aim Stabilizer feature, which virtually eliminates motion blur, allowing for precise aiming even at high frame rates. The monitor also offers a 1ms response time, good color balance, and detailed resolution.

Next Best Monitor For Planet Zoo: SAMSUNG 49″ Odyssey G95NA – Best Quality

Samsung Odyssey G9 (C49G95T)

Refresh Rate


Response time

1ms GTG

Screen size



5120 x 1440

Panel Type


  • Curved design reduces eye strain and provides a wider viewing angle
  • 1ms response time and high frame rate deliver fast and responsive gameplay with minimal motion blur
  • Easy to adjust
  • Some complaints about the panel falling off the bezel

For an immersive and visually stunning experience while playing Planet Zoo, the SAMSUNG 49″ Odyssey is a top pick. Its 49-inch curved screen with a 4K UHD resolution and 240Hz refresh rate ensures a smooth and highly detailed display. The curved design reduces eye strain and provides a wider viewing angle for a more immersive experience.

In addition, the monitor’s 1ms response time and high frame rate deliver fast and responsive gameplay with minimal motion blur. The product is also easy to adjust, making it an ideal choice for gamers who value convenience.

However, there have been some complaints about the panel falling off the bezel, which is a downside to consider. Overall, the SAMSUNG 49″ Odyssey is an excellent choice for gamers looking for a large, curved monitor with high resolution and fast performance.

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