Best Gaming Monitor for Xbox Series X 2024

Our pick for the best monitors for an Xbox Series X

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The Xbox Series X is a powerful gaming console capable of delivering stunning graphics and high frame rates. To fully enjoy the console’s capabilities, a gaming monitor that complements its features is essential. The best gaming monitors for Xbox Series X offer high resolutions, fast refresh rates, low input lag, and other features that enhance the overall gaming experience. These monitors also have various connectivity options, including HDMI 2.1, which is ideal for the latest gaming consoles.

We have two of the best gaming monitors on our list, and hopefully, by the end of the article, you can choose one that works best for you.

Best Gaming Monitor for Xbox Series X

Gigabyte AORUS FV43U

Refresh Rate


Response time


Screen size



3840 x 2160

The Xbox Series X is one of the most powerful gaming consoles on the market, and to take full advantage of its capabilities, you need a high-quality gaming monitor.

GIGABYTE AORUS FV43U 43″ is one of the best gaming monitors for the Xbox Series X. If you want to get the most out of your Xbox Series X, this monitor can handle it. It has a 43” 4K resolution screen and a 144 Hz refresh rate able to deliver 120 FPs @ 4K.

Overall this gaming monitor will deliver you the best performance for Xbox Series X.

Best Budget Gaming Monitor for Xbox Series X

Acer Nitro XV282K

Refresh Rate


Response time

1ms GTG

Screen size



3840 x 2160

If the GIGABYTE AORUS FV43U 43” doesn’t appeal to you with its hefty price tag, we have one more gaming monitor to showcase for Xbox Series X.

Acer Nitro XV282K KVbmiipruzx 28″ should get the job done for you without sacrificing the best features. It has a smaller screen size, but it also has a 4K resolution, and you can run your favorite games at 120 FPS thanks to the 144 Hz refresh rate.

One of the most crucial features is the input lag, which has a 1 ms (GTG) input lag. This budget gaming monitor offers excellent features for an affordable price.


In conclusion, investing in a high-quality gaming monitor for your Xbox Series X is essential to enjoy the console’s capabilities fully. The best gaming monitors offer features like 4K resolution, fast refresh rates, and low input lag, which enhance the overall gaming experience.

The GIGABYTE AORUS FV43U 43″ is an excellent option for those who want the best performance and are willing to spend the extra money.

On the other hand, the Acer Nitro XV282K KVbmiipruzx 28″ is a great budget-friendly alternative that still offers essential features.

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