How to fix Hogwarts Legacy glitchy graphics – patch needed!

With players reporting Hogwarts Legacy glitchy graphics, we offer up a quick fix while we wait for the next patch.

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Hogwarts Legacy is finally available to the masses now that early access is over, but some players are a little disgruntled by the glitchy graphics they’re seeing.

Bad graphics in Hogwarts Legacy seems to be a reoccurring theme, with many players looking for the best Hogwarts Legacy graphics settings on Xbox Series X and PS5.

Fortunately, we’ve already written an article on the very matter – and are here to help you fix those annoying glitchy graphics with a few simple tweaks.

So, while we wait for a patch that actually helps with the graphics, here’s what you can do.

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How to fix Hogwarts Legacy glitchy graphics

Experiencing annoying glitches when playing Hogwarts Legacy? Fear not, we’ve got a few simple steps that could turn your glitch soup into something much more pleasant. Not sure if that makes sense, but we’re rolling with it.

Anyway, start by heading over to the graphics settings menu and make sure to activate the “Depth of Field” option.

From our tests, this will dramatically reduce texture pop-in, while increasing the number of objects that load in the distance for a more immersive and attractive graphical experience.

Alternatively, leaving this setting disabled will not force the game to load textures – causing the surrounding terrain to look very 1990s.

Enabling the “Depth of Field” setting is only a two-second job, meaning literally no technical background is required to alter it.

Will Hogwarts Legacy Fidelity Mode fix glitchy graphics?

For a simple solution to better graphics, players can select the Fidelity graphics mode – found in the graphics setting menu.

Remember that, the game’s Fidelity mode will prioritize graphical performance over frame rates – meaning you will see a drop in frames when using it.

Players do have the option to select the “Balanced” mode, but for us, we don’t mind losing a few frames when it means better overall graphics.

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