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Best low profile graphics card 2024: Our top SFF GPU picks

Save space on your next SFF PC build with one of the best low profile GPUs on the market

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Even though low-profile graphics cards aren’t top-tier, they’ve improved a lot and now feature such delights as DLSS 3 and Ray Tracing. You can now get SFF GPUs with sufficient power for modern gaming, although these GPUs are better suited towards 1080p resolutions. To assist in your next compact PC build, we’ve listed the best low profile graphics cards currently available. These compact GPUs are quiet, affordable, and use little power. If you’re unsure, here are our top picks for the best low-profile graphics cards that are worth checking out.

Best low profile graphics card: RTX 4060 OC LP

Gigabyte RTX 4060 OC LP

Clock Speed

1830 MHz

Graphics Ram Size




  • 40-series features (DLSS 3/ Ray Tracing)
  • Multiple output options
  • Paying more for the privilege of SFF

Gigabyte has introduced a new low-profile GeForce RTX 4060 OC graphics card, tailor-made for mini PC setups. This offering stands out by featuring three fans instead of the more common two or one seen in compact GPUs.

Despite its three-fan design, this card’s dimensions might pose a challenge for fitting into some small form factor cases, measuring 182mm in length. However, its slim 40mm height and 69mm width compensate for this. The card doesn’t compromise on connectivity options, providing two DisplayPort and two HDMI ports. Additionally, it includes a thoughtful low-profile bracket.

Gigabyte’s low-profile RTX 4060 GPU maintains the standard eight-pin power connector and boasts 3,072 CUDA cores, consistent with other RTX 4060 models. The card’s clock speed is set at 2,475MHz, a mere 15MHz higher than the reference card’s 2,460MHz – a difference unlikely to significantly impact performance.

Best single fan low profile GPU: Zotac Gaming SOLO

Zotac Gaming SOLO GeForce RTX 4060

GPU Clock Speed

2475 MHz

Graphics Ram Size

8 GB

Video Output Interface

3 x DisplayPort 1.4a: 8K @ 60Hz, HDMI 2.1a: 8K @ 60 Hz

  • Impressive performance
  • DLSS 3.0 support
  • Not strictly low profile

The Zotac Gaming SOLO GeForce RTX 4060 offers the full package of the 4000-series in a compact design, standing out with its impressive performance. Despite a simple black finish and no RGB, its single-fan design with dual heatsinks proves effective, maintaining low noise levels.

Performance is a strong suit for the Zotac Gaming SOLO GeForce RTX 4060, surpassing much of its competition. It boasts 3072 Cuda cores, 8GB GDDR6 memory, and a boost clock speed of 2460 MHz. Power consumption is reasonable at 115W, like the founder’s edition variant.

Ray tracing is well-supported with third-gen RT cores, amplified by DLSS 3.0 for significant frame rate boosts. The architectural overhaul to the Ada Lovelace interface brings fourth-gen tensor cores, 8th-gen Nvenc support, and AV1 capabilities, giving it an edge over its predecessor, the GeForce RTX 3060.

Best budget low profile GPU: Zotac GTX 1650 LP



Graphics Ram Size

4 GB

GPU Clock Speed

1590 MHz

Video Output Interface


  • Capable of 1080p gaming at 60FPS
  • Energy-efficient
  • Effective dual-fan cooling
  • Three generations old
  • Modern APUs may be a better option

ZOTAC’s GeForce GTX 1650 LP GPU can handle less demanding AAA game titles at 1080p with a solid 60FPS but lacks in comparison to the other options. Boasting a 1590 MHz boosted clock speed out-of-the-box, it’s not going to win any speed awards. At this point, it is potentially worth checking out the best APUs for gaming as an alternative.

What is a low profile graphics card?

A low profile, or LP, graphics card is exactly as it sounds, a GPU that is characterized by its reduced dimensions. This reduction in size allows low profile GPUs to slot into SFF computers where standard or even single fan cards won’t fit. These cards are designed to serve a purpose and generally feature lower performance than other cards. But if you are tight on space with your new HTPC, an LP model is the one for you.

Low profile GPU FAQs

What is the strongest low profile GPU?

the strongest LP graphics card is the RTX 4060, one of Nvidia’s latest 40-series cards. This GPU comes with the added benefit of DLSS 3 and Ray Tracing.

Are low profile graphics cards good for gaming?

Modern low profile graphics cards are good for gaming in 1080p, however, they are not as good as their standard-size counterparts. Low profile GPUs offer less value, you are limited in performance, and there aren’t many options to choose from.

In Summary

For those committed to compact PC cases, finding the best low profile graphics card is crucial. While you are limited on options, the good news is that next-generation LP GPUs are here! You no longer have to opt for a GT 710 or single-fan gaming card. We have mentioned it above but you may want to double-check if an APU doesn’t meet your needs as there is nothing that saves space quite like them. Regardless, low profile GPUs now feature DLSS3 and Ray Tracing, completely changing the potential of SFF builds.

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