Best Graphics Settings for Star Citizen

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Star Citizen is a highly demanding game, being a space-faring flight simulator. Star Citizen combines features from space simulator, first person shooter, and massively multiplayer online genres across its four playable modes. These modes, called modules, provide different player experiences from one another. Three modules, Hangar, Arena Commander, and Star Marine, provide examples of gameplay features that appear in the Persistent Universe module, but also have their own mechanics.

And considering just how demanding this game is, you might want to figure out the best way to balance performance and graphics, that’s why we’ve got the best in-game settings to give you the smoothest and most enjoyable experience in Star Citizen.

Hardware for Star Citizen

Star Citizen is one of the few games that uses multiple CPU cores. Most other games still load everything into a single thread. So you will benefit from a multi-core CPU to keep everything running smoothly and not putting too much strain on your PC. It’s also recommended to have quite a lot of RAM for this game, 32GB is a good minimum.

Considering Star Citizen is an MMO, be sure your internet connection is also good – as this can affect your gameplay poorly otherwise.

Most of Star Citizen’s performance issues are server side, not client side. That means you can only do so much at your end but as the game slowly gets better, it will be a whole lot better at optimising things on their own end.

Best Graphics Settings for Star Citizen

The in-game settings are pretty simple at the moment, so lets go through them one by one.

  • Contrast, Brightness, Gamma:  No impact.
  • Resolution: High impact.
  • Window Mode:  Negligible impact.
  • Quality:  Low impact.
  • Scattered Object Distance: Low impact.
  • Terrain Tessellation Distance: No impact.
  • Planet Volumetric Clouds: Medium impact.
  • Field of View: Medium impact.
  • Motion Blur: Off.
  • VSync: On
  • Sharpening: Low impact.
  • Chromatic Aberration: No impact.
  • Film Grain: No impact.

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